Combining Financial, Development & Operational Skills

MAC Energy Advisors LLC is a privately-owned company that provides project management, consulting and strategic investment services.


Our company has worked on a diversified global portfolio of renewable and alternative energy assets from varying stages of development – acquisition, construction, project management, operation and maintenance, and disposition. With more than five decades of combined experience, our team of professionals are uniquely equipped with tools and expertise to create profits and generate long-term value. We pursue strategically-focused opportunities to provide transformative solutions for growing a Renewables Infrastructure Portfolio while also achieving robust returns using a disciplined and conservative approach.


It is our business to be aware of industry trends, regulatory and structural forces that impact energy and environmental resources. We use this knowledge to invest all over the world creating a global portfolio comprised of alternative energy, renewable energy, clean and innovative technologies, and sustainability projects.  We partner with long-term investors and leading developers and technology providers around the globe.


Our Management Team

Our diverse team comprises of specialists from a variety of backgrounds with more than 50+ collective years of extensive experience across areas including alternative energy, clean technology, sustainability and risk management, and the development and acquisition of renewable and resource-conscious energy assets.  With our disciplined approach, joined with deep market insight and operational experience, we provide winning solutions to the companies we advise and assets we invest in.  We are:


  • Finance and corporate strategy experts
  • Power and environmental engineers
  • Project development experts
  • Experienced legal professionals
  • International energy and environment policy specialists

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