Taking Advantage of Global Opportunities with a Disciplined & Conservative Approach

MAC Energy Advisors LLC develops, owns and operates renewable energy assets; partners with long-term investors, leading developers and technology providers; manages capital efficiently to drive robust returns; initiates replicable model for driving revenue; and provides sustainable solutions.

Financial Strategy & Consulting

MAC has years of experience conducting comparative financial assessments of administrative programs designed to promote investments in renewable energy. Our consultants combine ingenious thinking with our unrivaled market knowledge and industry collaboration to offer our clients with top to bottom consulting services in renewable energy finance sector.


  • Investment Management and Consulting
  • Strategic Due Diligence and Advisory – Options, Opportunities and Exposure
  • Portfolio of Renewable Infrastructure Projects
  • Tax Equity Investments
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting



MAC understands the importance of value-added information and due diligence; therefore, it provides development services with experienced engineers, consultants and environmental experts. Our team combines innovative tools and industry experience to translate insightful data into resourceful information to ensure no violation of environmental regulations, detailed land survey analysis and other measurements to make project more feasible and profitable.


  • Power Purchase Agreement Terms and Negotiation
  • Environmental Assessment and Permits
  • Land Leasing and Control
  • Facilities Study, Interconnection Study and Agreement
  • Site Evaluation: Geological, Site Topology, Wetlands and Flood Plains
  • System and Equipment Testing


Engineering & Construction

MAC has an excellent and massive network of engineers and managers that deliver cost-efficient and immaculate high-tech solutions. We exercise top-tier construction practices and techniques, quality and safety, and deploy high-grade materials to extract great quality end results. We are unique in the market as we provide complete and exceptional services under one umbrella.


  • Energy Modeling and Analysis
  • Plant Layout Design
  • System Design and Equipment sizing
  • Output Power Prediction and Calculations
  • Optimizing PV Design
  • Structural Design


Project & Asset Management

Project and Asset Management is one of our integral services as it is a combination of consulting, economics, engineering, finance, and management. We can utilize the best mix of our capacities to deliver state of the art and ultramodern renewable projects across the globe. We can unwind our sophisticated framework to oblige client and investor requirements and jump aboard across any project phase.


  • Planning and Execution - Scope, Budgeting, Scheduling
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Plant Performance and Risk Management
  • Virtual Project and Asset Management

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